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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CDT

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?? ?? ?? kim kardashian's night of terror. new details about the robbery that left her bound and gagged. >> all kim could keep on saying over and over again is please don't kill me. >> why her family is convinced it was an inside job. >> have you talked to kim? >> you don't do that. >> why melissaeth ridge is going off on angie. >> i was around when angelina was not doing nice things. >> plus, candace cameron bure's daughter after her breakthrough voice audition. >> it is very surreal. >> and kelly clarkson opens up to e.t. about her new baby. >> brutally honest about her struggle with having two kids in two years. >> she's dramatic, like her mom.
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?? now for october 4, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight "qwest. >> kim kardashian's former bodyguard tells e.t. that the robbery in paris had to be an inside job. his worst fear that it could have become a sexual assault. >> the reality star is still traumatized, still in shock over what happened in paris early monday morning. she was in hiding all day. here today at the she's been staying at with kanye and their children north and saint. from what i'm hearing is unforgettable to her still is that gun that was put to her head by one of the masked intruders as she begged for her life. kim was bound at her hands and her feet and her mouth was covered in duct tape and was wearing a bathroom. she was getting ready for bed and as everyone at home can imagine her first initial thought right then and there is
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>> it would be perfectly understandable to think that kim would have some degree of post traumatic stress where she would feel frightened. she may have nightmares and she'd be worried to go outside. >> the other frightening angle is the impact it could have had on kim's children. i am told that during the robbery all kim could keep on saying over and over again is please, i have kids. take whatever you want. please don't kill me. right now kim is spending a lot of time with just hugging her children extra tight today. >> of course, kanye remained at her side. he postponed tonight's concert in philly and another scheduled for thursday in detroit. >> is she traumatized? >> kim's sister kourtney returned from paris landing at lax yesterday. kourtney was mobbed by paparazzi and a security team struggled to help her make her way through the airport. khloe also stepped out in l.a. and was asked about the attack.
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kim? >> khloe who had a bodyguard with her ignored the question. >> as for the investigation, our source tells us the family is convinced the robbery was an inside job. the window of opportunity was incredibly small. there were only two five-hour blocks of time kim was alone. today we spoke to one of kim and kanye's former bodyguards who believed someone tipped the robbers off. >> to know that the main security guy who is a beast is gone, and you can walk right in with five tie her up, they know where the jewelry is, and then they leave on a bike and, nobody says anything. it's either somebody that works for them or that works for the hotel that's privy to their itinerary. >> french police are looking for surveillance video caught by hidden camera. you can see one at the entrance right there. >> i think there was a getaway car maybe a block or two away.
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before that night was over. >> the next question is what happened to the $11.2 million in stolen jewels? about ten pieces were taken and that could include the gold necklaces and rings kim wore that were designed by kanye, but the biggest loss is the giant, 20-carat engagement ring. >> the diamonds would be almost impossible to sell because of the size and the rarity and the quality. diamonds of this quality are laser inscribed. it can be removed if the stone is was recut it would lose a lot of value. >> another thought is the jewel would end up in a black market. >> they would already have a source, and a specific buyer who may have asked them to take the items. so they may never see the light of day. >> also stolen was one of kim's cell phones. we are told it couldn't be cracked and she was able to wipe it clean remotely. so there's nothing on her phone that could be leaked. kim has been really careful
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icloud and what she leaves on her phone in case something like this really did happen. >> we are tracking the new twist in the brangelina divorce. melissaetheridge came out swinging and sticking up for her longtime brad. >> melissa made no mention of brad or angelina. she went off on jolie. >> it breaks my heart that someone would take something as personal as your rights to your children and do it as -- as purposefully as i see it's being done. >> melissa, who went through a custody battle herself accused angelina of manipulating press coverage and maybe a child abuse allegation to help secure full,
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children. >> i know when there is some forethought about how, just how mean and how you're going to put this information out there first. >> after just tension with angie goes way back. it was recently reignited in 2013 when the cancer survivor criticized coverage of jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy. melissa told us, she, quote, objected to the term brave describing it. >> you knew from way back. >> i knew her from lots of stuff. >> defended him to e.t. over the years. >> do you think he'll be a good dad? >> oh, yeah. i know that. i've seen him with my kids. >> melissa even sang at his wedding to jennifer aniston and jen later appeared in one of her music videos. ?? ?? >> but thenneth ridge lost touch with brad. he's leaning on friends for support.
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claims angelina is to blame. >> there are a lot of us that haven't seen him in ten years. >> wow! melissa, tell us how you really feel. last night on "dancing with the stars" ryan lochte faced another tense moment from the crowd. voices rang out from the audience that some believe are protesters striking again. >> but just forget about that, listen to me. >> the vocal audience members who were showing support for the olympic swimmer. oh, my god. >> it's a nod to ryan's alma mater, the university of florida and it was a disturbance reminder of week one when anti-lochte protesters stormed the stage. the judge ordered them to stay 300 yard away from ryan and any show-related production. >> back in the ballroom, ryan's viennese waltz landed him 22 out
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argentine tango. the outspoken talk show host made up with judge julianne hough and amber accused julianne of body shaming her during her salsa. >> i felt like you were not talking about my dance, and if i misunderstood, i apologize. >> i am here to solely judge you for the dancing. >> how do you feel really good? >> feel really good, just positive energy, and i'm very happy. this week has been me. >> finally, 16-year-old olympian laurie hernandez earned the first perfect score of the season with a flawless tribute to michael jackson. >> you were feeling yourself out there. >> it was like i was channeling michael. i was surprised because we haven't gotten a 9 yet, and we might get our first 9 today and then they said 10. i felt like i was in a real-life music video. >> so laurie is probably safe,
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a couple not going home, at least they weren't last night, beyonce and jay-z. they stepped out in new york and check out beyonce's major leg she is showing to celebrate the end of her crazy successful world tour. >> what up, b? >> beyonce's fabulous in an oversized distressed denim jacket and high-waisted short shorts. >> good to see you, beyonce. >> her curls tucked into a baseball cap from her ivy park and honey clutch that stole the show reading i kiss better than i cook. and don't get us started on those $895 gucci pumps. flawless. >> what up? >> the party couple partied with her tourist staff before leaving around 1:00 a.m. ?? ? >> i'm totally digging the cam owe hat. >> i'm totally digging the couple. >> they'll have a lot of time to
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couple stops in new jersey. >> and action. >> e.t. on the set of tom hanks. a behind the look at the third movie in the da vinci code franchise. >> then one-on-one with kelly clarkson. her first interview since welcoming baby number two. >> i feel like the head of a village. >> plus, chrissy teigen's mailbox mixup. >> you can't open people's mail! >> why she's reading mail addressed to an a-list singer. >> you
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freaky fast. fifth time this week. jimmy john's michelle rodriguez playses a teacher protecting a young girl from bullies. it is
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she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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has been trapped in space and stranded on an island and at the controls of a crash landing and now he is trying to save every human being on the planet, but it is tom hanks. first we take you to the set of "burnout." >> and action! >> it's people in pain and there's a lot of blood and there's a lot of fire and there are sinners and there's a lot of anguish. >> sounds like a lot of fun. watching robert langdon get put through the ringer and watching him get storm and he's swimming in the stuff. there's chaos in the streets. and on top of it all, langdon has had a concussion so he doesn't even know where he is. >> so hell for langdon in this movie is both very much a state of mind tortured by the fact that he's ignorant of the origins of why he's there. >> why is someone shooting at you? >> i don't know. >> british-born felicity jones plays a doctor treating hanks in
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>> when people watch this film it will be a thrill to watch it and it would be a real ride. "inferno" is the third film following the da vinci code and angels and demons and the third directed by ron howard. >> welcome! >> in this story, a killer virus may be unleashed that can kill much of mankind. what if i'm the carrier? >> the clues to stopping it lie inferno. he has to find this bag with a horrible, horrible substance inside it before it goes off. >> it's a tom hanks-ron howard combo platter. the first time they worked together was "splash" and they're getting a twist.
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merman. >> hello from snapple. >> we'll tell you the shocking truth about the snapple lady and how she overcame a serious drug addiction. >> i did try coke and i loved it. >> candace cameron bure's daughter after her voice tryout and how her "full house" mom is helping her today. >> she's, like, okay -- >> kelly clarkson tells us about her surpriing career move while having two kids in two years. >> play with each other while >> closed captioning provided
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look at that. check out rihanna rocking some dramatic new dreadlocks and they go down past her booty. >> #hairgold. >> you chrissy teigen and john legend moved into rihanna's former $14 million mansion. chrissy told ellen degeneres says that she loves that rihanna's mail still come to the house. >> you open fan mail. >> you know that's illegal, right? you can't open people's mail. >> really? it's my house now. >> what's going on with rihanna? >> riri had a bit of a connection to kelly clarkson
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and she talked about her new addition to the family. >> she's 5 months and he's just chill. he loves anything. he loves to be entertained by his sister. that's why he had them so close together. play with each other while mommy has a glass of wine. >> no. you're, like -- >> not at all. things have been taken out. we're done! >> kelly's definitely got a full house. she's mom to and stepmom to brandon's two kids, but it's her 2-year-old river who is keeping her on her toes. >> she's sweet, but definitely in her terrible twos. how has being a mom changed your life. >> i'm way more confident and way more empowered and i've got this and i realize my husband has to reel me in a lot. we're definitely a team and i'll be fine, fine, fine, then what's happening! >> kell clarkson.
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idol" in 2002 is on tool again, but this time as a children's author promoting her first-ever picture book, river rose and the magical lullaby. >> it wasn't anything like i wanted to do this. i did this for my daughter and wrote little stories for her. >> you're writing new music which we're all excited about. >> it's an album i've been doing since junior high. >> when is the single dropping? >> next year. >> if your kids said mom, i want to go audition. it's a hard job a lot of times. if they want to do it, it's hard. especially with a famous mom. that's going to suck. >> breaking baby news. he revealed the gender of his baby, to joo behar. >> i will say no -- yes. so there you go. >> you're having another girl. >> girl number two. oh, my gosh.
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two little girls in one house? lord help you. candace cameron bure has one little girl who is all grown up and natasha took a step forward joining team levine on "the voice." she stopped to chat on etonline. ?? ?? ?? >> i was really hoping he would turn for me. it's very surrea opportunity to audition for "the voice" came to you? >> i had gotten an e-mail a couple before blind auditions happened, and i was not interested. i'm way too competitive. that would not be good for me to be on a show like that, but my mom and my dad and grand parents were, like, you should try out. it would be so much fun. >> natasha bure made her debut last night with the reworked version of elvis presley's
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her coach, adam levine isn't worried. >> i'm very happy you're on my team. welcome. >> it's a huge show, and i was, like, wow! this is going to be everywhere. i was very nervous. he's given me a lot of tips of being in the zone and singing with emotion and passion. >> natasha's fammly was front and center for her blind audition and she's turned to her mama candace cameron bure for advice on handling the spotlight. >> i've learned from watching her more than i have her telling me. she worked since she was 5 years old and she didn't fall off the wagon like a lot of other child stars have, which is a great testament to who she is. >> no doubt, she is making her mama proud. >> remember this friendly face? wendy kaufman became famous in the '90s as the snapple lady, but here's what no one knew until now. wendy says landing the job of her life kept her sober after battling a serious drug addiction. >> i have to tell you, i did try
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>> hello from snapple. >> before becoming a pitchwoman, wendy once struggled with substance abuse. i started to do cocaine in 1980 and by 1989 i could press my cheek and blood would come out of my nose, and i said to god, either kill me or please, please help me get well. i cannot live like this for one second longer. >> on oprah's "where are they now" she turned to cocaine to cope with being overweight and becoming a spokesperson helped her recover. like, what did i do to myself? what did i do to myself for all these years? the addiction was great because, in a way, it made me really look at myself and reevaluate everything. >> isn't this cool? >> wendy is actually a snapple employee before being kept for fame and we onceevisited her at
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you. you might know me. i'm wendy kaufman, the snapple lady. come on in. >> while being on celebrity fit club she admitted battling a different addiction. >> i do a lot of -- accepting of her weaknesses. >> that is why people enjoy knowing me, i guess, is because i am so real to them i'm not perfect. >> >> she worked for her husband's patio furniture business. >> sounds like fun.
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get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> everything she fought in the moment of her death. >> see more at cameras are the first to take you inside prince's incredible private estate, paisley park. >> amazing. that's not all we'll have for you. take a look. bye, everybody. >> a rare interview with country music's most romantic couple. >> it's been so much fun for us. >> tim mcgraw and faith hill's big announcement. >> it really is kind of amazing. >> and we have sarah jessica parker before her tv comeback. >> i'm incredibly excited.
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